Our Best Spring Gardening Tips

??????????????Spring is one of the best seasons to spend out in your garden. The great weather, blooming flowers, and good rainfall make it perfect for garden maintenance. Here are a few of our best spring gardening tips to get you inspired.

Clean Up

If you haven’t already, do a general clean up of your garden. During winter, dead foliage can fall around your garden, attracting slugs and pests. Clean the debris from around your plants and add soil and mulch where necessary. If you need some help with a more substantial clean up, contact a professional landscaper. 

Test Soil pH

You can test your soil’s pH level with an at-home kit from the hardware or garden store. Enrich the soil as necessary to ensure that you have a good growing environment. You can add lime to raise the pH or sulfur to lower the pH.

Don’t Throw Away Breakfast

Eggshells and coffee grinds are a great addition to help enrich your soil. Eggshells provide calcium carbonate and coffee grinds are high in nitrogen. Crush up your eggshells and put them in coffee grinds. Sprinkle on your garden for a nutrient boost. Careful not to add too many coffee grinds, as it can lead to molding.

Natural Slug Repellant

There are several tips out there on how to keep pesky slugs away from your beloved plants. The best ways we have found are copper tubing around the base of your plant. They deter slugs and are a more long-term solution rather than soil additives. Many people have had good luck with seaweed at the base as well. The salt in the seaweed keeps the slugs at bay, and it also blends well with the soil.

Fungus? No Problem

A natural cure for a fungus-infected plant is chamomile tea. Brew some tea; let it cool and poor onto a plant for a fungicide cure that is inexpensive and non-toxic.

If you would like more information on how to make your garden look great this spring, call BNC Lawn Care at (817) 946-1805.