Landscape Lighting Fort Worth & North Richland Hills TX

  • Design

    What is better than knowing your beautiful landscape is being accented throughout the night with a unique lighting design.  Don’t let the sun going down be a reason to stop showing your amazing landscape.  BNC will design a state of the art, true to your home, landscape lighting feature that will allow you to stand out of the crowd.

  • Lighting Maintenance

    Have you checked your landscape lighting for any changes?  Have you thought about getting your lighting system checked to keep the peace of mind knowing all of your lighting is working?  We maintain all new and existing lighting systems.

  • Troubleshooting

    Did you notice your lights are not coming on like they used to?  Does it seem like there are lights that existed at one time but seem to not be there anymore?  Or is nothing coming on at all?  Contact BNC so we can get you back up and running.  Let us illuminate your landscape, walkways, pools, security, and anything else you want lit once again!

  • LED

    You may be interested in utilizing LED landscape lighting for easy maintenance and energy efficiency. You’ll change LED bulbs less often than standard bulbs. They’re perfect for the harsh conditions. LED lighting can withstand some of the harshest weather conditions from hot or cold, to wet or dry. LED lighting not only saves money on energy, thus reducing your carbon footprint, it is also a green technology since its bulbs do not contain harmful mercury, like fluorescent bulbs do. Plus, the fixtures are 100% recyclable.  Contact BNC with more information on LED lighting and more!

  • Outdoor Landscape Lighting Ideas

    If you’re eager to enhance your outdoor space with some landscape lighting, you have more than enough options. You’ll need to choose the type of low-voltage landscape lighting that best fits the needs of your space. Mix in a variety of lighting options in order to fully illuminate your outdoor space. The most common outdoor landscape lighting ideas include adding:

    • Splotlight
    • Floodlights
    • Path light
    • Desk lighting
    • Post cap lights

    Any of these lighting options can be used to enhance your landscape, add additional security, and make your space more walkable in the evening.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

      1. How do you choose quality landscape light?
        All of our landscape lighting products meet the highest standards required for quality,and come in a variety of styles and functional uses. This means whatever you choose, you’re make the right decision.
      1. What type of landscape lighting service you provide?
        We specialize in low-voltage, energy-efficient lighting suitable for most residential landscape applications. We also have available professionals on hand, should your project require larger, flood-type applications or security illumination.
      1. How does your company ensure quality service?
        We offer and ensure quality service through our guarantees. Just like we do on our irrigation systems, our landscape lighting offers a satisfaction guarantee of one year on both parts and labor.
      1. Do I need to do all my landscape lighting at one time?
        Landscape lighting enhances the installed landscape environment, so it commonly makes sense for this to be included in the initial project. Post-installation systems can certainly be implemented, but being retrofitted, they may not be as foolproof or seamless in design. Additionally, retrofitting can sometimes be more labor intensive to install.
      2. How do I Clean a Landscape Lighting Fixture?
        Cleaning light fixtures will enhance their beauty and improve the quality of light cast.  It’s quite easy to do and doesn’t require special equipment. Take care to only clean the fixture when it is turned off. You’ll want to use a couple buckets of warm soapy water. Remove the globe or shield and the light bulb before cleaning. Put the loose pieces in one bucket to soak. Rinse the fixed pieces and the loosened pieces with water. When all are dry, apply polish or wax to metal parts if desired; clean glass or shades with glass cleaner. Reassemble your lighting fixtures and enjoy until next time.
      3. How Often Should I Change the Lamps?
        Change your outdoor lamps at least once a year or twice a year may be required depending on your usage.
      4. Is Landscape Lighting Something I Can Do Myself?
        Of course. Depending on your knowledge level, or the kinds of landscape lighting you are interested in doing, you should be able to design, install, and maintain landscape lighting for your outdoor space on your own. If you have questions along the way, feel free to give us a call.
      5. Why are Landscape Lights not Typically 120 Volt?
        Low voltage landscape lighting is the most common option for residential outdoor lighting. 12V landscape lighting is easier to install, less expensive, safer, and you do not need to be a licensed electrician. Low voltage landscape lighting lowers the risk of shock and is easy to install since the cable does not need to be buried.