Landscape Consulting and Design Fort Worth & North Richland Hills TX

Landscape Consulting Design North Richland Hills TXWhen you are looking for a high-quality landscape design contractor, you want someone that has both experience in the field as well as an eye for landscape design. When you hire our knowledgeable landscape design contractor, you get the whole package! We know that curb appeal is your home or business’ first impression. You can portray a wide variety of feelings just by how you design your landscaping. At BNC Lawn Care, our passion is assisting clients with creating the perfect landscape design for their residential or commercial property. From ultra modern to a cottage garden, our landscape design contractors have the skill and expertise to assist you!

Expert Landscape Design for Your Property

Our landscape design contractor has more than 20 years of experience in the field of urban horticulture. Her focus is to help clients create memorable landscape designs that are functional and maintainable. Our professional landscape design contractor has worked on several projects that include private/public parks and gardens, commercial properties, as well as natural resource preserves. When you want to make a long-lasting impression on your visitors, contact BNC Lawn Care today for exceptional landscape design services.

Essentials of Landscape Design

Over the years, the professionals at BNC Lawn Care have picked up some tips and tricks on how to put together an effective landscape design. When planning any landscape, it’s important to know how it will be used. Once you know how you want people to see and use a space, every design decision should stem from this idea. Unity and consistency are key principles of design. They tie together your overall aesthetic. Strong lines can significantly improve the impact of your landscape design. It’s also important to keep balance and symmetry in mind with all landscape design features. Following these essentials can ensure your landscape design comes together effectively.

Residential Landscape Design

There are a wide range of ways a residential landscape can be designed. It all depends on what space you have and how you want the space to function. Do you want a space to garden, somewhere for your kids to run around, is it purely aesthetic, do you mind upkeep or do you want very little maintenance? The answer to these questions helps shape your residential landscape design. One tip that can make a huge difference in any landscape is, plant big to small: start with trees, then shrubs, then perennials, then ground cover. This draws the eye and gives your landscape a put-together look regardless.

Call to Schedule Your Consultation

When you call BNC Lawn Care, we are happy to provide you with all the information you need to take your landscaping from desolate to decadent! The first step in creating your dream landscape design is to call and schedule your consultation with our experienced landscape design contractor. We will assess your needs and come up with a landscaping strategy along with a reasonable estimate. Before you know it, your landscape design will make your neighbors green with envy.

What information should I provide for the landscape design?

The landscape designer will benefit greatly from any site information you can provide. This may include past builders’ plans, surveys, or prior irrigation and/or landscape plans.

Will your design include plants that are right for my planting zone?

For determining your planting zone, the initial evaluation is key. The evaluation of your property will not only identify and adhere to the U.S.D.A. zone designations for suitable planting stock, but it will also factor in the soil type at the site, prevailing wind and sun exposure, as well as microclimates that may be present.

If I already know what I want, why do I need a landscape design?

The BNC Lawn Care team definitely will consider your preferences for the appropriate layout of the design. It is our responsibility to ensure your landscape investment achieves not only top tier quality but also superior long-term performance. Our designs balance sound horticultural practices with artistic perspectives to provide a successful custom plan for your property.

When is the best time to start your landscape design?

Winter and early spring are some of the best times to get your landscape design plans flowing. That gives you plenty of time to work with a professional to finalize design plans and have them executes before the summer months.

What are the steps involved with a typical landscape improvement project?

A typical landscape improvement project will follow three major steps. These steps include; design, installation, and maintenance. Each stage is an important part of improving your existing landscape.

What landscape elements do you design and build?

We can create just about anything you dream up. We install water features pretty regularly, large and small. We can create stone or dirt pathways throughout your landscaping. We design plant features of all sizes and spectrums. And so much more.

How long does a project take from design to completion?

This is a common question. This all depends on the scope of your specific project. A typical “small project” could be completed within 2- 3 weeks from the time of design completion. A larger project can easily range from 3-12 weeks depending on the scope of the work and elements involved. Give us a call to learn more.

Please see below for few samples of our landscape design contractor’s design. Contact BNC Lawn Care today for a landscape design consultation! Call (817) 946-1805.